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The somewhat hidden home of DSRC-tools.com  and/or  DGPS-tools.com
(www.ITSware.net is still used as well)

A site for DSRC message sets, utility tools, source code,
and client support for those using the SAE J2735 DSRC Message Set
This site is used mostly by SCSC staff and clients.


In the 3rd Quarter of 2017 SCSC began publishing a support site to assist those
developing and deploying SAE J2735 MAP-SPaT messages

MAP-SPaT Development Support Questions?

The new MAP_SPaT knowledge base site can be found here
The SAE DSRC J2735 Message Cheat Sheet is here

SNIP NTRIP Caster Questions?

The general sales and product download page is here
The knowledge base site is here
The RTCM SC-104 Message Cheat Sheet is here
SNIP is our very popular NTRIP Caster with over a thousand installations world-wide.

Your NTRIP Client devices can access our NTRIP Caster for open public use at here at the default port.
Or you can use your NTRIP Server to send data to others with:


RTK2go.com Questions?
If you have a mountPt you wish to have added to the RTK2go.com Caster, please see the above link.
If you need an suitable SAE J2735 RTCM stream for DSRC testing, please contact Jay at the below.

Developed code for DSRC, DGPS, RTK, and other GNSS items can also be found here
Older ASN.1 and XML and C/C++ code is still to be found at the www.ITSware.net site

SCSC no longer distributes the official ASN.1 of the SAE DSRC standards.
SAE now has an official site where you can get the final published J2735 ASN.1, see here

Direct general inquiries to

Jay Lewis, email:  First.User [at] ITSware.net

SubCarrier System Corp.  (SCSC)

SNIP® and RTK2go® are registered trademarks of SCSC

In the ITS business, you often need a cheat sheet to keep all the acronyms straight.
The above is a typical gibberish loaded set of paragraphs, so to help those less familiar...

DGPS Differential GPS, a GNSS system using corrections to improve accuracy (<1m)
DSRC  Dedicated Short Range Communications, a 5.8/9Ghz 802.11 like radio channel
GNSS  Global Navigation Satellite System, the preferred term for different types of GPS these days
GPS Global Positioning System, the name for the US based GNSS system
ITS   Intelligent Transportation Systems
NTRIP  Networked Transport of RTCM via IP, a common means to send Differential message to devices
RTCM    A maritime standards organization whose special committee 104 (SC104) sets differential corrections message standards
RTK  Real Time Kinematic, a type of GNSS filter using differential corrections to obtain 100x better accuracy  (<2cm)
RTKLIB  A popular open source GNSS toolkit used by hobbyists and professionals alike.
SAE   Society of Automotive Engineers, the standards organization which sets the J2735 and J2945 DSRC message set specifications
SCSC  SubCarrier Systems Corp., A bunch of nice guys who never have enough time to update their web pages