ISD Message Creator

The US DOT has underwritten the creation of a basic editing tool to help others create suitable DSRC MAP messages.

It is known to be able to create basic MAP messages, and can encode these to the current UPER formats.  But does not support the many attribute types that were added in the 20015/2016 revisions.  Like many MAP editing efforts at this point in time, any user can find many faults and suggest desired improvements.  This tool uses an internal GeoJSON format and BING base maps.  It is a web based client serve application.  It is free to those parties that the US DOT allow access to (so you must register to use it).  At this time it does not correctly implement the X-Y offset process defined by the standard, and therefore produces overly large message payloads.

Longer term plans and support for this tool are not known at this time.  Contact <need an official person here> for further information and support.

Where to Get it

Find this tool at:   You can find a number of of other interesting support tools at this site at well.

From the web page:

ISD Message Creator
Intersection MAP and SPaT

This tool allows a user to define the lanes and approaches of an intersection using a graphical interface. Once designed, the user can encode an ISD, MAP, or SPaT message as an ASN.1 UPER Hex string.


Further Data

At this time there is not a user’s manual or help guide available to link to.  The tool provides a tabbed pop-up with some basic usage instructions.  Below are screen shots of these (click to enlarge).




Notes on Encoding

If using this tool to create ASN for MAPs that will be sent over the air, the output setting would be “Frame+Map” (the only valid message type allowed by the J2735 conformance) and “Tight” (selects and uses the correct offset item for each node base don the min size needed).

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