Median Lanes

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What the J2735 Standard Says:

In Section 11.8 Lanes, Objects Defined in Intersections and Elsewhere of the J2735 document the following (normative) text is given:

Median Lanes  In general, no type of traffic is presumed to occupy and follow a median lane along the described lane path.  Median lanes are often crossed by crosswalk lanes, but do not as a rule cross other lane types.  Median lanes serve the need to describe the general layout of the intersection and have value in improving the algorithmic ability to project a vehicle’s BSM message with positional measurement biases into the correct lane for traffic control and safety uses.  This lane type does not have a movement state associated with it.  Information about curb height and other barrier details can be of value to emergency responders in traversing the intersection.


Other Elements in the J2735 Work

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Best Practices and Usage Commentary

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Possible Amendments

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