Motor Vehicle Lanes

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What the J2735 Standard Says:

In Section 11.8 Lanes, Objects Defined in Intersections and Elsewhere of the J2735 document the following (normative) text is given:

Motor Vehicle Lanes  Motor vehicle traffic is presumed to occupy and follow a motor vehicle lane along the described lane path (in the allowed directions of travel) and can be present at ANY time (except that vehicles may not come to rest at those segments which are marked as “do not block”).  Motor vehicle lane paths cross over other lane type paths and can be alongside other lane types, and merging across such lanes does occur.  In general, motor vehicle traffic proceeds from the edge of the described lane in the intersection map to the lane’s stop line, stopping as near to the line as conditions allow (other vehicles ahead of the subject vehicle will cause queuing).  In the absence of an active movement, the stop line of an ingress lane (an inbound lane) in a signalized intersection is presumed to be in the “red” state.  Outbound lanes (egress lanes), having no stop line, allow motor vehicle traffic to simply proceed off the edge of the map.  When an active movement allows it, vehicles proceed to the end of the lane, passing the stop line, and crossing to another lane as indicated by the (optional) DF_ConnectsTo data for this lane by means of the given maneuver, and proceed.  Further details of the outbound (egress) lane(s) may or may not be described according to the design in the intersection in the MAP message, which is driven by the use cases to be supported.  For example, minimalistic intersection designs may not contain either egress lanes or crosswalk lanes.


Other Elements in the J2735 Work

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Best Practices and Usage Commentary

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Possible Amendments

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