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Jay Lewis:  A pseudonym for the SCSC support staff that maintains this web site.  Most of the articles are penned by David Kelley (long time editor of the SAE DSRC J2735 Message set standard and the primary developer of the MAP-SPaT messages and well as many other standards).  The name Jay Lewis comes from the practical need at SCSC to register a great many software products but not wanting follow-up phone calls.  These often start with “can I speak with J (jerry) Lewis…” which is always a tip off.

The articles presented here reflect the work and input or many other individuals, an incomplete list includes:

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Reckless Control:  A term used in the original 2010 map-spat engine design deployed in Anthem Arizona (an SBIR project lead by Savari).  SCSC developed the first map engine which was used there.  The map engine tool consumed BSM messages co-located at the equipment cabinet, placing the tracked vehicles into MAP lanes and tracking their arrival at the stop line in conjunction with the SPAT signal state.  This allowed the ASC to ask the engine questions about vehicle arrival times without having the learn about various geometric issues.  Any vehicle giving “strange” motion vectors (jumping about in position, bad GPS data, or cutting across lanes in a dangerous way) was tagged as “RC” for Reckless Control.  The map engine classified all suitable BSM streams into individual lanes and various driving behaviors for further use.  The original term dates back the IEEE 1512 Incident Management standards where bad drivers were nicknamed Richard Cranium in some documentation.


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